Hands on Art

The past few weeks Michelle and I have been working on a project for the illumination Foundation, a foundation that works with children who are not as fortunate as other children are. The foundation has centers for children to stay during the day and get taken care of and time to play. We wanted to make something for the kids, so they can play with it and have fun, but we also wanted it to look like a picture that can add some decoration to a room.

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It’s Time To Brawl

In my English class we had a debate that was organized with out own questions we came up with that came from topics in All Quiet on the Western Front. We called it the BRAWL. Basically a team would go against another and answer a question and the team that had the best answer would win.

At first the brawl started  out pretty mild, nothing much, just everyone agreeing with each other and here and there a little disagreement. But once we got to gun control — it was an entirely different story. The argument began to go back and forth from one team to another arguing whether or not guns should be prohibited completely. Right when the argument seemed like it was going to die down, two people come running towards the buzzer and one of them makes a dive for it. That’s when the debate truly got heated and it probably lasted longer than the original debate over it with groups bringing up new articles and information.

That is one of the best examples that younger generations  do know what they’re talking about and what’s currently going on in the world. I learned that kids can be like adults and voice their opinions just as passionately. Some adults believe that kids and teens shouldn’t be involved in current events, but we’re living in this world even,t we can’t be completely oblivious to what’s going on and act like there aren’t any problems.  If we are kept in this little perfect bubble in the beginning of our life we won’t be able to be ready when we’re adults and have to make our own stand on the topic. The Brawl taught me a lot about what’s going on and showed me teens can be as dedicated to their stand on a subject as an adult.

Most of the drama or action took place “backstage”, on all the twitter accounts the teams had made.If you didn’t follow the tweets throughout the debates, you were missing the real stuff. Teams were quoting great lines from those debating and teams that weren’t even up debating were having discussions with one another.

twt twettwit

In order to prepare for this brawl, I helped my team come up with questions that related to the book and answer some of the questions. I also managed our twitter account and made our team name: The Anonymous Narwhals.

Blogging For Yourself

dog blogging

Blogging is definitely not as easy as people make it seem. At first you may think blogging is just about writing whatever you want, it is that, but let me tell you it’s not that easy. I used to think of blogging like that until I actually started doing it myself and learned so much more. First of all it’s difficult just coming up with a topic to write about, for me it was spending thirty to forty-five staring at the text box thinking what topic to discuss. Once you finally find your topic and feel amazing because you can actually start typing, you’re left with the task of finding ways of making it more than just words. I almost forgot to add this, but coming up with titles is pretty tough as well. It has to be interesting enough to catch people’s attention. I overcame bringing my posts to life by learning you can add links to other sites and insert videos and pictures to make it more exciting and interesting for readers.

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That’s Funny

cb Humor is a thing some people have and some don’t have, well they do have humor but it’s not much. People who are funny have it easy, they can just utter a couple of words and have an entire room laughing. Those who weren’t born funny it’s another story, it takes more effort to make people laugh and when they try it doesn’t always work out. It’s always tougher in front of a crowd, you never know how they’re going to take it. It’s similar to when you’re showing your friend a funny video and staring at them, promising them that its funny until the funny part comes and they laugh.  Continue reading


I recently cleaned out my bedroom and found many things from when I was little. I stumbled upon all the elementary school pictures from picture day and found it funny how everyone was either smiling from ear to ear or looked like they were caught off guard. Those were the good days filled with juice boxes, monkey bars and goldfish crackers.

So for this post i decided I was going to talk about childhood and remember what it was like to be stress free and have no sense of time was.

Recess. That one little word would get everyone in the class jumping up and down in there seats.That was the time when you could run around the playground, use the monkey bars, and see how high up you can go on the swing. School was not pressuring at all, the most worried you would get is when you were deciding who was going to be it during tag.

Nap time, was also one of the highlights because you got to sleep in the middle of the day and when you woke up there was a snack for you. At the time of nap time most kids would make a fuss about it because they don’t want to go to sleep and stop having fun. But when you think about it now, nap time sounds great. I mean who wouldn’t want to have an hour of the day to just lay down and get some rest.

There was also so much free time that wasn’t filled up with hours of homework,working, or studying. That’s why it felt like time wasn’t running out because there really was no sense of time.

When some people are asked if they can be any age. I believe they choose childhood because of all this.



When I was about five or six, my mom signed me up for figure skating lessons. I thought it would be really fun so I went along with it and went to the lessons once or twice a week. I remember they would have us walk like a penguin so we wouldn’t slip and after a while they eventually showed us how to spin. It was about three or four months into my lessons, when I stopped, but it wasn’t because I didn’t like it. I stopped because the ice rink closed down and was going to open up in another city that was far.

Until now I realized that I should have gone to another ice rink that wasn’t as far instead of just stop completely because who knows I could have gotten good at it.

Most people stop doing sports because they’re no longer happy with what they’re doing or can never see themselves getting better. But in my case the stop to it wasn’t really my decision.

People who stop doing a sport they once enjoyed always have to make the decision, do I stop completely or do change how I feel about this. This is where Maya Angelou’s words come to play, “What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like a thing is change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.”

But once you have these words when do you know to initiate the change or your change of perspective? The exact timing can be tough. So I believe, when you completely stop enjoying what you’re doing and are no longer happy with it, it’s time to initiate change. But if you’re no longer happy with what you are dealing with and want to improve, then it’s time to change your perspective.

If you aren’t happy with what you’re doing because you feel you are not good enough then I think you should change how you think about it. When you change your perspective, you also motivate yourself toward getting better and you end up improving in the end.


Spring is slowly starting to creep up on us, thought it may not feel like it. Hopefully it will soon start to warm up in parts of the country. The sun will be shining, it won’t get dark soon, all the flowers will be blossoming, and all the animals will come out from hibernating. Yeah, there are a few bad things about spring like all the pollen driving those with allergies crazy and the one less hour of sleep, but other than that it’s a pretty good season. Spring also means summer is closer and who doesn’t want to think about summer being just around the corner.

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