Generation Going To Waist, Try Again

Everyone thinks this generation of children and teens is getting no where, with just being on their computer or cell phones. That all kids do now a days is use use hash tags all day #bored #ootd #somefoodiate and take selfies or pictures of their food every time they go out .  Not many people believe in kids these days and think everyone is going to grow up and not change anything.

Wrong! There are so many kids out there doing incredible things and inventing really cool devices and items. I bet you haven’t heard about the fifteen year old girl  from Canada who made a flashlight that is powered on the body heat of your hand.

There’s even two high school girls who made an air freshener out  of cow manure. Who would think to make an air freshener out of something completely opposite of what most people think is useful to freshen the air? What makes it even better is that the product is better for your health because it has no harmful chemicals.

Air freshener /Rex

I watched a video about a little boy who made his own arcade and used his ideas to create something really cool and fun. He made all the games out of cardboard and had a man operated ticket dispenser. It comes to show, when you don’t limit kids and make them follow structured rules, so many ideas and concepts can be created.

Ever wanted to charge your phone in 20 seconds? An 18 year old high school student made an energy storage gadget that can get charged in just 20 seconds and can someday be made to fit into a cell phone.

The high school student's invention that could charge your phone in 20 seconds

Take that for being a generation that does nothing all day but sit in front of the computer all day. People need to stop underestimating what kids can do and think for once that kids aren’t loosing themselves to social media. So what if kids are tweeting and using hashtags like there’s no tomorrow, it’s just the beginning of the ways ideas and new thoughts are coming together. Try to say this generation is going to waste again. Who knows maybe in the future cow manure air fresheners will be the new trending item.


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