Family Tree

Can you always stick up for your family?

Your family is always there for you, to help and motivate you to achieve your goals. So, when it comes to most families, sticking up for one another is a simple task to do. Sometimes what needs to be stood up for is a terrible deed or action and you can’t help them out. Families don’t always get along, which makes it tough for you to help or even get along. For example in the Oedipus Cycle Oedipus’ family is torn because of his relationship with each family member, causing not only a complicated family tree but trouble between each family member. Oedipus cannot support his son and ends up cursing him and telling him he will die going to war and his brother will die as well. The relationship between Creon and Haemond, father and son, is broken from Creon’s cruelty and when Creon is ready to apologize Haemond, it’s already too late. A family tree is very much like an actual tree because everyone can be together on the tree as leaves or be by themselves as a leaf falling from the tree, with no to help or support from one another.




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