One of the worst things is touching a piece of gum someone left somewhere after they chewed it. Just to get your mind into this idea think of this: One day you’re sitting at a desk or table, you’re having good time just sitting and relaxing.Then you mindlessly touch the bottom of the desk and BAM! You’ve touched it. You know exactly what IT is. The gooey, hard, and cold piece of nastiness. Now you bring your hand up from under the desk and stare at your hand with the look of disgust on your face.  Panic sets in and you have to wash your hand as fast as you can before you touch anything else.


Why do people decide to put their gum there? I mean you have so many other options and you choose to put it in a place where people might place their hands. You could have wrapped it in a piece of paper and thrown it away or even just put it in the trashcan. Really any place that no one will come in contact with it is better than under a desk or table.

Second to touching a piece of gum is STEPPING in a piece of gum. You’re just walking trying to get somewhere or just talking a nice little stroll, until you step in IT. BAM your shoe steps directly in it, but you don’t notice until you take that next step. You move you leg and you feel the constriction and stickiness on the bottom of your shoe. When you move your foot the gum gets all stringy and gooey, making you get in a bigger mess. Now you have to scrape off all the gum with the closest item you can find and even when you take all or most of it off, you STILL have sticky feeling of the bottom of your shoe.


It really isn’t difficult to throw gum away. Just throw it away. Don’t spit it out and have it waiting there for its victim to come and step in it and get into a gooey mess or put it under a table and have it await for someone to touch it by accident. GO to the nearest trash can and just throw it away, saving everyone trouble.


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