“the world was beautiful when looked at in this way – without any seeking, so simple, so childlike.” – Hermann Hesse


When children see the world everything is simple and clear. There’s no worries or anything to stress about, everything is relaxed and free. They look at the world with no filters or restraints. When children see trees and a barn they think of all the little thing and question everything. Children do not just see a red barn and trees, they see endless possibilities. The red barn and the trees can be a place for them to act out stories and pretend to be farmers or alien ranchers. They can set up a tent and camp out by the trees or build a tree house and imagine more little scenarios to act out. It’s different most of them time for people who are not children to see it the same. Worry and stress fill up their minds and clog their perception of things. What’s the most fun place in the world for a child can be just a red barn and some trees for someone else and that’s it. A red barn with some trees, nothing special. People have these filters that take out the joy and simpleness of everything. They don’t see the full picture. The barn is just a place to keep animals and the trees are just there to provide oxygen. The filter only always one or two things to be seen out of the hundreds, thousandths, even millions of way to see it.

If the filter could be lifted from everyone’s mind and the world could be seen how it is, everything would be much simpler. The pond with ducks or the green field would be more than just what it is. Everyone would enjoy the view and see the beauty of it all.


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