Homework Counterproductive?


Homework can be good. You know just a few math problems, a little reading, and a few worksheets. Sounds like a dream to have that little for many students. That “dream” is just not reality. What is real, is the cycle students get stuck in day after day for an entire school year: get up, go to school, spend about 7 hours in school, have sports practice or some other activity, get home, eat, do homework for 3 or 4 hours, sleep, and repeat until Friday. Yeah homework is good and gets the content in your mind, but too much of it can negatively affect students.

Stanford Researchers have recently studied and  shown the negative effects of too much homework and what is the right amount of homework for students.

“Our findings on the effects of homework challenge the traditional assumption that homework is inherently good,” wrote Denise Pope, a senior lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Education.

The studies showed that students in a middle class society get about 3.1 hours of homework a day. Such a large amount of time can be counterproductive and basically useless. Other studies show that 90 minutes to two hours and a half should be the max for high school students so the homework can be beneficial to their learning. There are also many negative affects on students with too much homework.

All the homework causes stress for the students, which can lead to headaches, exhaustion, stomach problems, and sleep deprivation. Also with all the homework its sometimes nearly impossible to balance everything on the plate. Because students drop social activities to complete projects or study they isolate themselves. Due to this large amount of time alone students cannot meet developmental needs or life skills.

“This kind of busy work, by its very nature, discourages learning and instead promotes doing homework simply to get points”-Denise Pope

Homework can be good when it does not come in loads. But some people when they ask a student about homework will not take it seriously because they believe its just a teenager complaining about something.


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