One of Disney’s newest movies out is Big Hero 6. In my opinion Big Hero 6 is one of the best movies Disney has released in a while. It has everything to make a movie great: lovable characters, heroes, villains, action, a great plot,comedy, and character loss.


Baymax is what tops and makes majority of the movie. Anypone who watches Big Hero 6 will immediately fall in love with Baymax. I mean, who can’t love Baymax? He may be composed of very simple shapes, but that’s what characterizes him. He’s adorable and VERY huggable. Just LOOK at him. Baymax’s personality is revealed throughout the movie as he interacts more with Hiro. His personality is funny, caring, courageous, and clumsy. Overall Baymax makes it easy for people to like him with all the different characteristics he has.


The plot of Big Hero 6 is really good and is not your typical or overdone animated movie plot. It contains a good amount of villains and heroes. Hiro, Baymax, and their friends team up and create futuristic armor and gadgets to use against the man who stole Hiro’s invention and is now destroying the town of San FranSokyo. The action that goes between the protagonists and antagonist keeps the plot on edge and away from your typical movie. Even though the characters where fighting a villain,Disney was still able to make parts funny as the same time.

1tad  1baymax

The character loss in the movie are felt different times during the movie. The first loss is Hiro’s brother Tadashi and his death is what starts the plot for the movie. I felt Tadashi’s loss wasn’t heavily felt upon by the viewer but no because he wasn’t important but because the viewere didn’t get to watch him or grown an attachment to his character. The second character loss is really not a loss but it did hit the audience strongly. The character loss is Baymax when he was going to save Hiro since the time was running out. In order to save Hiro, Baymax wouldn’t be able to survive and would be stuck in mid space forever. This part of the movie hit may people emotionally (including me), Baymax grew on the audience throughout the movie without him it seemed very sad.

Shadow of the moon’s post about what makes a movie good gave me the idea to make this post


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