Rain Rain Go Away?

We all know the nursery rhyme about rain that EVERY little kid learns in kindergarten “rain rain go away come again another day” As a kindergartner or small child, you see rain and get sad because you can’t play outside, but once your older you see how fun being in the rain can actually be.

Some of the best memories I have took place in the rain and made what I did even better. It doesn’t have to be bright and sunny for you to have a great day, sometimes rain can add a little extra pizzazz to the day.


One of the best memories i have of the rain is when I went on a vacation to Disney World and it ended up raining for about 2 to 3 days of the trip. When it started raining I thought it was a major bummer because all the rides would be closed and there would be nothing fun to do. But boy was I wrong.

Yeah some of the rides were closed and my shoes had puddles in them but that still didn’t stop me from having one of the  best weeks. Splash Mountain was still open even though it was raining a bit hard and I was one of the few who actually went on the ride. The rain just made the entire log ride and feeling better because you got an even bigger splash in the end. One of the pros of the rain is you get to watch a lot of the little shows and plays that are indoors. The pool at our hotel was still open as well and I thought if you’re going to get wet might as well get extra wet. So I still went on the watersides and dove into the pool.

Some of the parks, especially Epcot and The Magic Kingdom were prettier with the rain and what it offered. Since Disney World is a place were people vacation, most tourist don’t pack ponchos or umbrellas; so every single person in the park had the same poncho on with mickey on the back. It was actually quite funny because I felt like I was at a poncho convention the entire time.

The rain eventually went away and it was bright and sunny again. Which meant there were a few more things we could do. The fireworks and light parade were able to go on and all the big roller coasters opened up again.  But the rain added something special to the trip and also made it less humid.(which is always a plus)


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