Too Many Words

Homework. These eight letters are what strike terror into students everywhere. The world alone doesn’t just come by itself, alongside it are words such as stress, patience, and exhausting. When you begin the task it doesn’t seem like much, but then you realize you have more than one task to complete and a little bit of panic settles in. You then feel confined and buried all these assignments you have to complete.

It’s understandable why teachers assign homework, they want you to practice the content and have the concept in your head and not forgotten. But sometimes it’s just TOO much. Most of the time it’s really not the teachers fault for assigning the assignment. They say it takes 45 minutes for each assignment, but if you multiply it by 5 or 6 classes it’s about 3 to 4 hours to finish all the homework and not to mention some students take college level classes which can take even more than just 45 minutes.

What really takes the blame is most likely the lack of communication or knowledge of what their students are doing for other classes. For example, a teacher can assign a 4 page essay and make it do the next day but little do they know some students can have a big math or science test the next day and has no time to do both.

There’s an episode of Modern Family where Alex at her 16th birthday has a nervous breakdown because of all the pressure and stress from school and she gets a therapist appointment. While Alex is at the therapist her mom (Claire) goes to the  high school’s open house and realizes all the stress it puts on her daughter and how time consuming the assignments are.


After adding up all the amount of time it takes to complete the homework she then accounts for the amount of time in school, family activities, sports, extra curricular activities, clubs, and other things that go on in a kids life  and ends up more than 24 hours. THAT’S MORE THAN THERE ARE IN A DAY.

This episode is used on many social media sites with students agreeing with what it has to say and how they can relate to it.

Too much homework is counter productive as well because when there is too much students have to go to bed late from all the homework. The lack of sleep causes worse grades because students need about 7 to 8 hours of sleep to allow their brain to memorize and actually work through what they have done.

Teachers should know the point between too much and too little and allow their students to do well not just that subject, but others as well so they can actually benefit from the homework.“Perhaps that is what prevents you from finding peace perhaps there are too many words, for even salvation and virtue”



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