Thinking Inside The Box

Thinking outside the box is overused now a days, because everyone thinks outside the box. Everyone is thinking the same way and coming up with the same thing. So to get away from being ordinary, you have to be more than just different. You have to think inside the box because the inside of the box is lonely now with new ideas waiting for someone to think of them.

Ideas are hard to come up with, it’s like walking through an endless maze. You follow a path, thinking you’re going in the right direction, then you make a left and bam there’s a wall blocking you. Thinking about new ideas is hard work you can have a small dose of the idea of the back of your mind and with the right moment the idea can take off.

I believe it’s intentional that new ideas are hard to come up with. Just imagine if everyone could think up good ideas, the world would be boring. Some people see things and say, “Ha, i could have easily done or thought of that”, But that’s just it, you didn’t actually do it, someone else did so they get the credit for it. The picture below is a perfect example. A lot of people criticize modern art because they believe you can do it in your sleep. That’s not always the truth though, you can have the idea, but not have the skills needed to carry out what you want.


Ideas or the “light bulb moments” are a rare occurrence. Not everyone can just get it right away. The light bulb can be off or burnt out from too much thinking. When the time is right the light bulb begins to shine very dimly at first. It then begins to shine brighter, brighter, and brighter, until it’s so bright you get a little light bulb over your head like in the cartoons. This “light bulb moment” is what everyone wants but you have to go through each phase before you have a blinking  light bulb over your head.


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