Winter. When you hear that word you usually associate it with ice, snow, and cold weather. Most parts in the United States experience this and have their weather below freezing. But then there’s California. Sure we have our “winter”, it rains and the temperature ranges from forty to seventy degrees. However, is it truly winter?

Just last week the weather was up in the high eighties. That’s insane. It’s still supposed to be winter. The little groundhog (Phil) saw his shadow there’s supposed to be six more weeks of winter. Winter ends March nineteenth. I’m not supposed to be sweating in the middle of February and have the air conditioning on. California— is being a  little rebel, giving us summer in winter.

Everyone else was probably shoveling snow or wearing three layers of clothing. But here in southern California, we were wearing shorts and putting sunscreen on. There really shouldn’t be any complaining about having a winter that is too warm. It could be worse ice on the sidewalks— below freezing temperatures.

There are pros to having a winter that isn’t very cold. You can go to the beach and go in the water, wear shorts and flip-flops, eat ice cream (even though you can eat ice cream when its cold outside), and get a tan. California’s winter is actually some place’s summer.

It felt as though we were living in the episode of Phineas and Ferb, where they made winter during the summer and had snowman tanning, people surfing on snow, and kids eating ice cream while making snow angels.Or as they like to call it, Swinter—where you can catch snowflakes on your tongue while swimming.

Other states in the US like to make fun of residents of California, saying we can’t withstand anything below sixty-five degrees. Lets talk about this. What if you put people from Maine into 105℉ degrees , they would be melting onto the sidewalk, but someone from southern California would just be seeing it as another summer day with the air conditioning on.


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