Disney Going Downhill?


Disney is one of those channels all kids watch when they’re younger. They have shows and movies that anyone can watch. But lately Disney has been—lacking. Today all of the shows, basically have the same plot. Kids in school with goofy parents a best friend and siblings they argue with. Bland. Just like a boring bowl of plain oatmeal, there’s nothing to it.

After Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place finished, it all went downhill. All the new shows took over and the only way to watch the old shows was to go online or watch reruns at two in the morning.

It may be the new generation of kids who watch Disney have different things they can relate to and enjoy. What I find funny or entertaining may not be the same for kids, they may find the old Disney shows as boring. One day those kids may be able to relate to me and say the new wave of shows isn’t really good.

One of the shows that is still around with new episodes is Phineas and Ferb. Phineas and Ferb is one of the best, no the best show still airing on Disney channel because it’s different. Every episode brings something new whether it’s Perry the Platypus fighting or Candace trying tell her mom about some new crazy invention her brothers made.

There is hope for Disney to make a comeback. Gravity Falls is this hope. Gravity Falls is a fairly new show to Disney channel and was a kick from the start. If you enjoy Adventure Time, you will enjoy this show because it is very similar to Adventure Time. You can sense the old Disney that was gone be revived in this show. The show also has a conspiracy within it: after every episode there are codes made up of random letters and if you play the theme song backwards you can hear someone say seven letters back,which is your key.So with every code you go seven letters back and get clues as to what is going to happen. The show brings the viewer into the mysteries of Gravity Falls.


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