Spring is slowly starting to creep up on us, thought it may not feel like it. Hopefully it will soon start to warm up in parts of the country. The sun will be shining, it won’t get dark soon, all the flowers will be blossoming, and all the animals will come out from hibernating. Yeah, there are a few bad things about spring like all the pollen driving those with allergies crazy and the one less hour of sleep, but other than that it’s a pretty good season. Spring also means summer is closer and who doesn’t want to think about summer being just around the corner.

If you may have noticed i have made posts about what to do during autumn and winter, so I decided it was time to make the post for spring.

  1. If you live in California you can go to the California poppy festival in Lancaster and see the hills covered in orange with all the flowers. This year the expectations for the amount of flowers is higher than the past because of the amount of rain that has been falling.4562495766_8951315f4e_z
  2. Going on hikes is always fun because you can get away for a little while and enjoy nature. With the cold weather gone the trails should be green with new flowers blossoming and  fresh air.IMG_0724
  3. Making flower crowns are always fun. Even though it may not last very long, you can pick flowers from  your garden and tie the stems together to get a nice little flower crown.fc
  4. Go to the nearest store and buy a box of peeps that are shaped like chicks and rabbits. There are more than just three simple flavors now, they make everything from pink lemonade to watermelon.peeps
  5. You can go to ride your bike to the local park and bike around the neighborhood or rent one of those bikes that can seat up to six people and enjoy the day.8646761606_3b8546a8f1_z
  6. Playing in the rain is always fun to do. You can run around in the rain and jump in the puddles until you hear someone call you to get inside because you’re going to get sick.2170287726_95d4c44ccb_z

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