Tick Tock

clock1  clock

An hour,doesn’t seem like a very long amount of time. But if you think about it, it can be. Sixty minutes is time where a lot of things can happen. You can watch an episode of a tv show, do some type of work, or sleep. So, setting the time ahead one hour can be a big deal for some people.

Turning the time ahead one hour affects people and how they sleep. A few individuals prepare for daylights savings time by sleeping fifteen to thirty minutes earlier a couple days before the time is set back. Those of us who don’t do that, well it’s another story. You wake up the day of daylight savings time either fine and realize you woke up later than usual or you woke up at the same time as before and feel like you didn’t fully get the right amount of rest. There’s also the small portion of people who were unaware daylight savings time occurred and just carried on with their lives as usual.

Nowadays phones automatically adjust to the time so most people don’t wake up in a mess trying to get to work or school as fast as they can because they’re an hour late. Before people used their phones as an alarm and didn’t set their time for daylights savings time it was a mess. The alarm would go off and everyone would be in a scramble putting clothes on while drinking orange juice and combing their hair, trying as fast as possible to get out the door. I can’t even imagine the amount of people calling into work late, getting into school late, or missing appointments. This year daylights saving time was over the weekend so it probably wasn’t as big of a deal for anyone who did wake up late. But the ability for phones to automatically go an hour ahead should be thanked because it most likely saved a lot of people.


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