That’s Funny

cb Humor is a thing some people have and some don’t have, well they do have humor but it’s not much. People who are funny have it easy, they can just utter a couple of words and have an entire room laughing. Those who weren’t born funny it’s another story, it takes more effort to make people laugh and when they try it doesn’t always work out. It’s always tougher in front of a crowd, you never know how they’re going to take it. It’s similar to when you’re showing your friend a funny video and staring at them, promising them that its funny until the funny part comes and they laugh.  Even though not everyone is born funny, I still believe you can become funny just from attempting it several times. Once you figure out what people consider is funny, you got it. All you have to do is get at those funny things and you become a hit.

There are several different types of ways to be funny.

1. The getting injured funny: This mainly consists of those people who are very clumsy and trip over everything. There’s also the people who get injured by accident like all those videos on America’s Funniest Home Videos, where someone is on a trampoline and it breaks or the table breaks when they stand on it.


2. The non-intentional funny: This is similar to when people get injured and everyone laughs, but this happens more so with words rather than action. A non intentional pun or play on words can make people laugh, once they realized what they did.


3. The I don’t know what I’m doing funny: This one is taken literally because it is exactly what is said. It is when someone has no idea what it is they’re doing or is caught off guard. My personal favorite is when someone is off guard and the teacher calls on them to answer the question, expecting to have no idea whats going, but the student answers correctly. On Worst Cooks of America some of the people had no idea how to cook and when they were given the challenge to cook, they began mixing foods together that no one should ever mix. The judges were amused and began laughing because they could not believe what they saw.



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