Fear. It’s something everyone has. Whether they want to admit it,that’s a different problem. When you’re scared of something, it’s tough to imagine it because it makes you very antsy or restless.

From pickles to heights people are scared of many things. Living, dead, mythical, and even inanimate objects can cause someone to hide or run away. Some people have very severe fear of things and it gets transformed into a phobia. On Maury people would come on the show and confront their fears and get help later on so they would no longer have to worry. One episode of Maury, a man was deathly afraid of peaches and they had him confront his fear and eventually with help overcome it.

There are many kids in the world who are afraid of the dark and the “monsters” under their bed. This is not only because of their wild imaginations that they have at such a young age, but also because they do not know what’s there. The fear of the unknown, as it is called, affects not just children but everyone else as well. You don’t know whats going to happen to you or your fate, this is also why people are scared of death. Once you are dead, you’re dead, no one knows what it’s like because no one has ever come back from the dead to tell firsthand what it is like. So once again it reaches the same question. What will happen to me?

In Animal Farm by George Orwell the other farms next to the animal farm fear the “animalism” that is taking place and worry the rebellion can spread to their own farm. The farmers are not just fearing the revolt the animals may carry out, but the unknown, since they also don’t know what will happen to them if their animals revolt.

Fear also worries multiple people at once. Just like how California is in a major drought and there is no idea of how we will be able to maintain the land and have a water supply for the population. Another fear people have regarding California is earthquakes because recently there has not been any large earthquake, so people are worrying in the near future one may hit.


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