Blogging For Yourself

dog blogging

Blogging is definitely not as easy as people make it seem. At first you may think blogging is just about writing whatever you want, it is that, but let me tell you it’s not that easy. I used to think of blogging like that until I actually started doing it myself and learned so much more. First of all it’s difficult just coming up with a topic to write about, for me it was spending thirty to forty-five staring at the text box thinking what topic to discuss. Once you finally find your topic and feel amazing because you can actually start typing, you’re left with the task of finding ways of making it more than just words. I almost forgot to add this, but coming up with titles is pretty tough as well. It has to be interesting enough to catch people’s attention. I overcame bringing my posts to life by learning you can add links to other sites and insert videos and pictures to make it more exciting and interesting for readers.

Once I got into the hang of blogging, I found that writing about my own experiences, things that interest me, and fun things to do were the easiest subjects for me to talk about it because I truly enjoyed what I was talking about. I have a series of blog posts that tell you activities you can do during each of the seasons. ( Autumn, Winter, Spring, summer is yet to come) These posts were my favorite to write because I enjoyed doing some of the things listed in them. Writing about my pasts experiences was also a great topic for me because I got to talk about the time I went to Disney World in one of my blog posts and it brought back all the memories from my trip. Writing something I was passionate about definitely worked out for me and allowed me to enjoy blogging more.

If I could go back and do something differently with my blog is start off my blog with posts that actually interests me and not choose some random  topic that I’m just writing about for no reason. I see blogging like this, if you write about something you really don’t like, your readers will see it in your writing and feel the same way you feel about the topic. So, for any new bloggers out there I have one piece of advice. If you decide to write about something, do it with passion.

Next time when this is done, I think that there should be time for everyone to talk with each other and help one another come up with topics and things to write about, so everyone isn’t just staring blankly at their screen for thirty minutes with no idea what to write about.


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