It’s Time To Brawl

In my English class we had a debate that was organized with out own questions we came up with that came from topics in All Quiet on the Western Front. We called it the BRAWL. Basically a team would go against another and answer a question and the team that had the best answer would win.

At first the brawl started  out pretty mild, nothing much, just everyone agreeing with each other and here and there a little disagreement. But once we got to gun control — it was an entirely different story. The argument began to go back and forth from one team to another arguing whether or not guns should be prohibited completely. Right when the argument seemed like it was going to die down, two people come running towards the buzzer and one of them makes a dive for it. That’s when the debate truly got heated and it probably lasted longer than the original debate over it with groups bringing up new articles and information.

That is one of the best examples that younger generations  do know what they’re talking about and what’s currently going on in the world. I learned that kids can be like adults and voice their opinions just as passionately. Some adults believe that kids and teens shouldn’t be involved in current events, but we’re living in this world even,t we can’t be completely oblivious to what’s going on and act like there aren’t any problems.  If we are kept in this little perfect bubble in the beginning of our life we won’t be able to be ready when we’re adults and have to make our own stand on the topic. The Brawl taught me a lot about what’s going on and showed me teens can be as dedicated to their stand on a subject as an adult.

Most of the drama or action took place “backstage”, on all the twitter accounts the teams had made.If you didn’t follow the tweets throughout the debates, you were missing the real stuff. Teams were quoting great lines from those debating and teams that weren’t even up debating were having discussions with one another.

twt twettwit

In order to prepare for this brawl, I helped my team come up with questions that related to the book and answer some of the questions. I also managed our twitter account and made our team name: The Anonymous Narwhals.


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