Blogging For Yourself

dog blogging

Blogging is definitely not as easy as people make it seem. At first you may think blogging is just about writing whatever you want, it is that, but let me tell you it’s not that easy. I used to think of blogging like that until I actually started doing it myself and learned so much more. First of all it’s difficult just coming up with a topic to write about, for me it was spending thirty to forty-five staring at the text box thinking what topic to discuss. Once you finally find your topic and feel amazing because you can actually start typing, you’re left with the task of finding ways of making it more than just words. I almost forgot to add this, but coming up with titles is pretty tough as well. It has to be interesting enough to catch people’s attention. I overcame bringing my posts to life by learning you can add links to other sites and insert videos and pictures to make it more exciting and interesting for readers.

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Generation Going To Waist, Try Again

Everyone thinks this generation of children and teens is getting no where, with just being on their computer or cell phones. That all kids do now a days is use use hash tags all day #bored #ootd #somefoodiate and take selfies or pictures of their food every time they go out .  Not many people believe in kids these days and think everyone is going to grow up and not change anything.

Wrong! There are so many kids out there doing incredible things and inventing really cool devices and items. I bet you haven’t heard about the fifteen year old girl  from Canada who made a flashlight that is powered on the body heat of your hand.

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