Doodle Way of Life

Notes are always seen as boring and dull because you just write words and facts. Writing on the lines of paper for a while and your pencil starts to wonder. You start doodling and your little picture that started of as a penguin, is now a full on drawing of penguins and walruses dancing on an iceberg.  Those notes are no longer just words, but a story and show how creative you can be. The paper that once had just words and sentences is now interesting and catches your attention, rather than make you cringe because of all the words on it.

This is one of my favorite videos and shows notes that a boy took in his biology class. It starts off with a little drawing of an  elephant and turns into an adventure through his notes.

If you put the doodles into your notes and make them correspond with what you’re learning it’s a double win, you get to draw and not miss out on what you’re supposed to pay attention to. Sure you still have to take notes, but it’s more interesting when you have pictures and not so much information. When you add doodles to your notes, you’re helping yourself remember the details even better than just writing away without taking into account what you are writing and just in reality copying. Draw whatever helps you and think outside the limits. Just think if everyone thought the same and did everything the same, we would get nowhere.

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Drawing or doodling can just be that, just drawing, nothing else. Not connected to notes. Draw your heart out and let your imagination flow and take over. Clear your head and spend time with yourself just drawing, get out all that you have bottled up and be free. Many ideas come from just letting out your thoughts and ideas as pictures, just look at how architects or designers draw out their ideas and BAM they have a new trending design. Get out of the structured way most people are expected to live by and draw what you want, think outside of the box.


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